Conformity and Bystender Effect Advertisment

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Social Studies

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Conformity and Bystender Effect Advertisment


BEWARE! - The Dangers of Conformity and the Bystander Effect

1. Socialization Theory: People follow social norms because they are afraid that they are excluded from the group.2. Peer pressure: People in certain occasions loose control over their selves and they belive they are comitting mistakes by letting others put pressure on your ideas.3. Self confidence: People don't belive in themselves and what they can do, feeling they need to follow other people's lead without using their brain capability.4. Functionalism Theory: People believe that if only one person helps, that won´t make a diference. So, they decide not to help.

Conformity is when you lose control over yourself and you let others control you influenced by social norms. People should avoid comformity because it sometimes takes you to bad influences and psychological damage as an example of cyberbully.Examples:1. Being polite by following others action of greeting when entering to class (peer pressure and social norms). 2. A person getting pressure from his friends by drinking in a party because others do it too (danger socialization theory and peer pressure).3. The elevator experiment showed us how people followed others lead by doing what they were doing (peer pressure and socialization theory).

Bystander effect is when someone wants to help others but they dicide not to because they see no one doing what they are supposed to do. If they are more people watching, is less probable that someone will help. People should avoid bystander effect because they may regret in their minds about how they could have made a change in important situations that happen to them (they didn't helped because of peer pressure) and they acted selfish and may have thought about others and not their selves to made their own decisions to act in those situations. Examples:1. In a video showed in class, Kitty Genoveesi was murdered getting to her apartment and 37 people heard her but no one helped her because they were afraid of what people thought.2. In a video showed in class, a little girl was place alone in a mall to see if people help her. Little amount of people help her because they were surrend with their community and they didn't wanted to be excluded about the people's thoughts.

Possible solutions for conformity and bystander effect are:1. Knowing that one person can make a difference and encouraging people to make a difference between desitions and actions. 2. Make campaigns to stop conformity and the bystander effect so people can learn and change their actions (one person can make a difference).3. Creating support groups to win self confidence and avoid peer pressure, by knowing that they won't be the only one in making correct actions and decisions.


Bystander Effect



We are two students trying to make other people have self conseiousness about themselves and their acts.We are Antonia S and Maria Jose A. Social Studies class F.


Social Norms are rules of behavior that are consider accepted within the society. Many social norms influence in how people act and take decisions. Examples:1. Stop at the red light. 2. Say please and thank you.3. Have direct eye contact with the person you are speaking with.4. Not have cellphones in class.5. Do not talk with your mouth full of food.

Social Norms

Conformity and the bystander effecr are violating this human rights and are causing this impacts in society:1. Conformity and bystander effect are violating the human right of: you have the right to education and workers right because conformity and bystander effect are influence by how people learn to act and have confidence. Also, some people don't value education and learn based on social norms (their kids learn how to act like their parents because that's how they are taught to without education). And adults can't work by the poverty cycle. This also influence them in how to act.2. For example in cyberbullying, kids or adults don't have the right to speak because other people pressure them and threat them to remain silent and don't act at what they are facing to.3. Psychological damage because in some cases, people regret to act in a situation and they will always remember and regret about their decision because they believed that they didn´t make a change/difference.

Human Right Violations/ Impacts


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