Conflict Styles

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Social Studies

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Conflict Styles

Direct Competitive FightingTough Battler-Uncooperative Compromising Maneuvering Conciliator Collaborating Problem Solver-Cooperative

Couple 1Indirect Fighting & AvoidingCouple 2Direct Fighting & CollaboratingCouple 3Avoiding & Direct FightingCouple 4Compromising & Yielding

During Couples' ConflictThis couple is currently having major conflict that both partners are being uncooperative in a competitive fight that ends with her avoiding further conversation.

Dual Trauma CoupleThis couple's relationship ended in a break up to an indirect fighted that involve a phone call from her mother. The ending conflict style that was used was him yielding and her compromising beginning a new friendship.

What IsConflict?

Which Conflict Styles Can YouIdentify With These Couples?

Indirect Indirect Fighting Tough Battler - Uncooperative Avoiding Interpersonal Complier YieldingFriendly Helper - Cooperative

Competitive Fighting

Can We Still Be Friends?

Conflict Styles


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