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"Adventages and Disadventages Of the Confederation"

The different ways



* It was Drawn up by the second Continental Congress.* Included a unified army for the states.* It had a legislature where each had one vote.* Was able to build and control an Army.* Had the ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states.

* National Government could not enforce laws if ratified (states could ignore)* National Government could not tax.* Needed 9 out of the 13 states approval to pass a law.* Needed all 13 in order to amend a law.* No executive or judicial branch.* Caused the states to suffer economically especially when each state started taxing one another and hurting trade.

*In my opinion the Delegates decided to have a weak central government because at the time they were still under British control. If they were to stablish a strong central government while beign under British control, they had the chance of getting their Strong Government taken by Britain and all of the hard work placed for this country would of had been lost. That is why the delegates decided to stablish a strong central government after they gained their independance from Britain.



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