Condensation Vapor

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Condensation Vapor

A spinoff technology is an object created for space and then adapted to an everyday object used on Earth.

Baby FoodWhat it is: The food is believed to help infants with brain and eyesight development. NASA says DHA and ARA are now found in more than 100 foods and drinks.How it's used: NASA invented baby food because it has nutrition. It can be packed in a can and taken anywhere. Astronauts eat this food in space. How it helps life: Baby food has a lot of nutrition and also makes it easier for infants to chew.

Flex FoamWhat it is: It's a light-weight, sewn-in stabilizer consisting of a layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of soft cloth. How it's used: Can be used as a stabilizer. It can also be used as decorations.How it makes life better: Soft decors or can be used as a matress.

GPSWhat it is: GPS uses satellites to direct you anywhere on Earth. NASA developed GPS to quickly develope GPS in weak areas. How it makes life better: It can lead you to your destination without you getting lost. How it works: There is an app you can download or Google search it. You put in your destination and it draws a red line from you to your destinaion. It speaks to you while you drive.

Our project is a machine that will suck in humidity from the air and cool it in our solar powered cooler. The vapor turns into water, but first it goes through a filter. Our machine will solve world wide water problems because some places lack drinking water. Not to mention, the lack of clean drinking water.

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The Condensation Vapor


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