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Concussions need to be taken more seriously because young children and teens are being put at risk, post-concussion symptoms can affect your life dramatically, and equipment is not able to prevent concussions.

In addition to being young, concussions can impact your life dramatically. Andre Reed, Buffalo Bills 1985-1999, said he is not as “sharp” as used to be. Andre went on to say that he believed it was from “getting my bell rung”. Andre, along with many other former NFL players notice they are not able to do the simple tasks they were able to do before. Post-Concussion Syndrome takes part in what they may be experiencing. Post-Concussion Syndrome typically is not directly related to the initial severity of the injury. The symptoms caused by this can last up to a year if treated correctly. However, 25% of concussion sufferers do not get assessed by medical personnel.

There is not equipment that can fully prevent concussions. U.S. Centers for Disease estimated that at least 300,000 student athletes suffer from a concussion each year. CDC studies show that 1.6 - 3.8 million concussions occur each year. Doctors say that you are three times more likely to get a concussion if you have had one than individuals that have not acquired a concussion. The National Football League for example has been enforcing rules so that the players are safe now and later on in life.

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While others may say athletes can jump back in as little as five days from a concussion, and feel fine after they heal. The effects after the concussion are the big concern, not the immediate part. 91 ex-NFL players were tested by , 87 of them had brain disease linked to head trauma. Research shows the more concussions you get, the more susceptible you are to get more. Chris Coyne, high school football recruit, quit football only after sustaining a sixth concussion during preseason practice in his freshman year of college. Now a junior, he says this is the first year he has felt symptom-free. The risk is too high to be sending kids out onto the playing field too quickly. If a player heads back on the field with a concussion that hasn't fully healed, he or she could be at risk for permanent, or even fatal, brain damage. Called "second-impact syndrome," it occurs when an unhealed brain is hit again – and leads to massive brain swelling. "Second impact can be fatal; it can leave you paralyzed," said Field.


The younger you are when you get a concussion, the more dangerous it is for you. Between the years of 2001 and 2009, an estimated 173,285 people under the age of 19 were treated for concussions in hospital emergency rooms. At least 25% of those concussion victims were not assessed by medical personnel. Due to different studies, it is estimated that 53% of athletes have sustained a concussion before entering high school. Since the human brain is still growing during high school age, big impacts and trauma can severely damage your brain’s ability to grow and learn.

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