Concussions in sports

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Concussions in sports

Concussions in Sports

This is a Head, which holds a very important piece of tissue. The BRAIN!

When you engage in contact sports your Brain literally shakes in your head during contact. You get concusions based on the violence of the shaking in your brain.

There are 3 types of concussionsmTBITBIPCS

TBI's are impacts to the head that shake the brain reapetedly from its stem, hitting the skull repetaedly.

mTBI's are Minor Traumatic Brain Injuries. these can occur from any activity where your head might get head like falling down.

PCS is Post Concussive Serosis which develops in people who have sustained multiple concussions over a span of time. PCS is the most dangerous of concussions becuase they lead to symptoms like: mood swings, intense light sensitivity, migraines,and brain atrophy.

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