Concert Choir Rooney Hamar Kevin Peter Doran (edited 6/5)

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Concert Choir Rooney Hamar Kevin Peter Doran (edited 6/5)

Aaron Copland was one of the most important figures in 20th century music.

Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland's first professional music teacher was Rubin Goldmark, a well-known private music teacher and composer in NYC.

Copland's First Proffesional Piece was his "Symphony for Organ and Orchestra"

By Brendan Rooney,Zach HamarKevin Lichtenfels, Peter Kokias, Gavan Doran

Goldmark wrote 'Requiem' for Orchestra, 'Hiawatha', and 'Negro Rhapsody', among other pieces.

Aaron Copland taught at Harvard in the spring for the first time in 1935, filling in for a teacher who taught composition. He later returned for five talks as a Horace Appleton Lamb Lecturer in 1944. Finally he gave Charles Eliot Norton Lectures in 1951 as the Norton Profession of Poetics, the first ever American to hold the title.

Signed copy of sheet music for "Symphony for organ and orchestra"

Simple gifts was originally a Shaker spiritual song.It was composed in 1848 by Joseph Bracket, a Shaker.Shakers were a christian religious group in New England, similar to Quakers.

Copland Used a variation of the tune of simple gifts in his famous ballet score Appalachian Spring.He later arranged it again in his first set of Old American Songs. (this is the version we sang at concert.)

Aaron Copland composed symphonic music, movie scores, ballets, and instrumental and vocal works

One of Copland's most famous pieces was "Appalachian Spring," a ballet score which symbolized the ideal essence of America.



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