Concepts of Education

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Concepts of Education

Assessments are used to determine how well a student is grasping curriculum material, as well as whether or not they have achieved a lesson objective or met a standard.

Objectives describe what the instructor wants the students to be able to do by the end of the lesson. They are often the backbone of a lesson's structure and activities, so that the students can better meet these standard-inspired goals.

Differentiation helps instructors reach students of all different learning styles. If a teacher approaches their lesson the same way every day, they will only reach some of their learners who match whatever their preferred instructional style happens to be, where others will struggle.

Effective teachers do more than just present information to their students--they have mastered their material, instruct their students in an organized and well-managed classroom, and leave a lasting impact on their students' lives.



Best Practice

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Concepts of Education

Best practices help students stay engaged with the lesson by introducing different activities to both interest and differentiate the style of teaching to reach different learners.

Assessments can be anything from a formal, teacher-made test to informal questioning during a lesson. Assessments help instructors meet their objectives and test their students' knowledge thereof.

Best practices help students meet lesson objectives in different ways than simple textbook reading or lecturing. They help teachers reach learners of all types--helping to create a differentiated classroom.

Lesson objectives are often determined by state-generated standards; in Virginia these are called the Standards of Learning (SOLs).

Effective teachers understand the objectives they need to meet well enough to differentiate their lessons to reach all types of students. The can utilize all types of best practices and assessments to ensure they are helping their students.

Differentiated lessons meet learners of all types. There are kinesthetic learners, auditory learners, linguistic learners...and an effective teacher knows how to reach them all!


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