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Concepts and Inspiration

I took inspiration from this interview with Nils Frahm to create a piece which focused more on the texture, articulation and complexity of the choreography to pique interest rather than the external application of symbolism or metaphor, just as he creates music which deviates from the popular norm and creates five minute long builds to intensify the experience.15:50 to 17

Inspiration and Concepts

How will i incorporate this concept into production elements?

I will need to create a lighting design that assists in highlighting a work that isnt trying to provide the audience with a story, abstract or metaphor. I would like to deviate from the standardised method of lighting, using washes or spots which are commonplace in a blackbox theatre and instead focus on more experimental methods of lighting, in particular, lighting which can adapt to the dancer. The picture from "Glow" by Chuncky Move is particularly inspiring as the technology could be adapted in many ways to suit the texture of the choreography and seamlessly transition sections of the dance work, without needing to include dancers

To ensure that costumes do not provide irrelevant or distracting stimulus to the audience, the piece would require a design that extenuates the dancer's movement without becoming a spectacle in of itself, or rather without too complex of a design that draw unwanted attention. The costume would need a design of simplicity with attention to detail where the mobility of the dancer could be hindered. This design would also need to be sensitive to the complexity of lighting states, not reflecting light into the audience or understate the choreography by absorbing too much light. I think that a light grey or white attire would be most affective, absorbing the most light and allowing the lighting to extenuate the dancers whilst remaining lightweight and nonrestrictive.


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