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Human Anatomy

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Conception1. 18 Days Heart starts beat.2. 28 Days child has Eyes, Ears and Tongue.3. 42 Days Skeleton froms.4. 45 Days unborn baby starts to move.5. 8 1/2 Weeks baby has fingerprints, all organs present and heartbeat is steady.6. 9 Weeks thumb sucking happens.7. 12 Weeks baby may start to kick. start to resemble parents.8. 4 Months baby may start to have dreams.9. 8 Months baby can recognize thire mothers voice.10. 9 Months baby gains 1/2 pound per week

Conception-Infancy(Birth-1 year)

Infant1. First year baby needs to be drinking breast milk or formula,2. 4 Months baby 3 in. and gain 4.5 pounds. Start to use 5 sences3. 1-2 Months baby will begin to turn their head.4. 3 Months start to take intrest in familar things. 5. 4-6 Months become more social with facial expressions and trying to talk or crying.6. Hungry and Sleepiness are the 2 crys that are done within the first year7. 6-9 Months begin to wave goodbye.8. First month they can lift their head only for a short amount of time.

Bethany Jackson & Bridget Menjivar

Sigmund Freud He thought that all babies were born with this thing called "Super Ego". He thought that all babies were born with an inital unconscious mind. That made them want everything and think that the world revolves around them.His life Born on MAy 6, 1856 and Died Sept. 23, 1939 in the United Kingdom.He was a 83 year old Austrain Neurologist. Father if Psychoanalysis. In the early 20th century. Wife was Martha Bernays

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