Concentration Camps

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Concentration Camps

Concentration Camps

Dachau was one of the first concentration camps established in March 1933. During the first year the camp held 4,800 prisoners. During that first year relativley few jews were held in the camps. This was because they belonged to one of the above groups or had completed prison sentances. In 1937, they bagan using prison labor. This was constuction of large complexes and buildings on the grounds of the camps. They had to tare down the old facilites as well. The camp was constructed into two sections. The first was the camp area, and the second was the crematoria area. The number of Jews in the camp rose to 10,000 in November 1939. The camp area consisted of 32 barracks including barracks for medical experiments. In 1942 they cunstructed a new crematorim called barrack X. This held the gas chambers. Soon SS members wanted a shooting range behind barrack X to exicute prisoners. During there stay at the camps they were forced to go threw multiple experiments preformed by doctors. They were the testers for new medicians and procedures. On April 26,1945 liberation was in full force of Dachau.


Cause and Effect

Cause: The cause of the consentration camps was that the Nazi's wanted to exterminate all the Jewish minority.Effect: The effect of Nazi's wanting extermination led to Jewish people being human slaves, and medical experiments.

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