Computers and Technology

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Computers and Technology

Computers & Technology

By Amber McIntyre

A computer is an electronic device that consists of four main parts: -Hardware -Software -Data -Users

Primary hardware components of a computer: -Input Devices -Output Devices -Central Processing Unit -Memory

Software has two main categories: -System -Example: Microsoft Windows -Application -Example: PowerPoint, Word, and Excel

All important processing requires data. Text, numbers, images, sounds, videos, and sounds are all data.

Computers manipulate power to create information which is data that is organized, meaningful, and useful.

All data a computer processes is just two numbers. Data input is converted into a series of ones and zeros to be processed by a computer.

Computers are very powerful. They have the ability to perform the information processing cycle with amazing speed, and they have reliability, accuracy, the ability to store huge amounts of data & information, and the ability to communicate with other computers.

RAM (Random Access Memory). Memory is temporary. RAM can be added to make a computer work faster. The common measurement of memory is in gigabytes.

Flash drive, an external storage device. Storage is permanent. This is used to store data when it's not being used in memory.

-The processor carries out all the instruction of the computer and is considered to be the "brains."-The motherboard connects all components in a computer.

One way to input data is by adding pictures from a digital camera to a computer.



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