[2015] Segun Lewis (COSC 1401): Computers and Mobile Devices

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Computer Science

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[2015] Segun Lewis (COSC 1401): Computers and Mobile Devices

Computers and Moblie Devices

Desktops are designed to be stationary PCs

Mobile DevicesThey consist of laptops, handheld computers, smartphones, etc and are desgined to be used on the go.

Mobile phones, is an example of embedded CPU's

Thermostats and secutiy systems are examples of embedded CPU's

Cloud Computing allows users to access resources through the internet such as documents, games, and videos.

Embedded Computers function as a component for a larger product

Ports and ConnectionsPorts are points that attach to a PC so that the device can send dataConnectors joins a cable to a port

Servers, Supercomputers & Terminals Servers provide services to computers on a network (e.g Application and FTP servers)Supercomputers are the fastest computers capable of processing trillions of instructions in a single secondTerminals have limited power and sends data to a server to recieves information

Antilock brakes, engine control modules, and airbag controllers are all embedded computers


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