[2015] Nanette Breugem: Computers

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Computer Science

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[2015] Nanette Breugem: Computers

Computers. One of the best things in the world if i say so. But also one of the addictive and time consuming things in the world.


Social media. The one thing a computer has been on. Taking photos, or recording yourself there’s no end to the internet. Even saying that, everyone loves the internet, and social media. Except josh, josh hates everything, he even hates chocolate.

Social media


you might not know it, but computers are also used for gamming. Of course there are tons of games you can play, and one of the most played ones is a game called Minecraft.



Updates. Being safe also means to get the latest updates on your computer. Keeping it virus free, and working better. But really you shouldn’t talk to strangers… do you really think people listen to that? I mean how else you were supposed to make friends with someone, or find someone who’s your best friend… but enough said about that time to get the latest update!

this is josh


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