Computer Vision Syndrome

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Computer Vision Syndrome

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Computer Vision Syndrome is a set of eye and vision problems that can be resulted in the following ways which are listed to the right:

Computer Vision Syndrome

G.Beyan Kekula1st Period5-12-14

Due to the increase in computers being used, this syndrome is becoming more common.

Usually occurs when visual expectations aren't met by computers.

Computer Vision Syndrome usually affects workers whose work place is equipped with a computer.

Other ways of preventing computer vision syndrome is by taking breaks constantly and excercise your eyes.

Computer Vision Syndrome has affected over 70% of Americans

Even though it is quite easy to be a victim of this chaotic syndrome, there are ways to prevent it like changing y0ur position, positioning the monitor, wearing eyeglasses, using eye drops, and to blink oftenly.

When having a job that requires long hours of working on a computer, you should get a computer eye exam.

Glasses don't do much to prevent computer vision syndrome.

94% of families with kids have computers, so kids are experiencing it along with their parents.

There are several side effects, like straining your eyes.

This syndrome is most common to 40-60 year olds.

It may cause headaches, neck pain, and maybe even double vision.


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