Computer Viruses

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Computer Science

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Computer Viruses

Boot virus:Boot virus infects the boot records of the hard disk and floppy disk. These are generally more dangerous tha program virusesProgram virus:These viruses infect program files which have extentions such as .com,.exe,.sys,.dec,.oul, or.scp, program files are attractive targets for computer viruses because they are widly used and have reletivly simple format to which viruses attract themselves to.Micro virus:These viruses infect data files. for example, Microsoft word docs. and templates are susceptable to mirco viruses attacks. They spread rapidly as infected docs. are shared on network or downloadable from internat sites.

Norton antivirus:.Norton is a product of symanteccorporation founded in 1982.Norton always checks the prgrams, all the local hard dirves and the USB(when in use)Macafee virus scan:.Macafee, inc is an antivirus software and computer security company.It markets Macafee virus scan, related security products and services including the intercept and found stone brands.Kaspersky antivirus:.Kaspersky is a product of kaspersky lab, a russian computer security company.cofounded by natalya, kaspersky

. Work with the company so they give you the virus and sell you the cure. Do it because they can. To rip your off/ get your bank information


Computer viruses

viruses makers


. Downloadable Programs. Cracked software. Email attachments . Internet. Booting from CD

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What does a computer cirus do?A virus tries to take control of computer systems it has infected at the first opportunaty available. It makes copies of its self and also tries to carry harmful tasks written in its program. this process van happen so quickly that the user is not even aware of the presents of the virus in their computer.

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Best antivirus software:. Norton antivirus. Macafee virus scan. Kaspersky antivirus



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