Computer Viruses

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Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses

By Kalvin Dam

Computer viruses are malicious programs that inserts itself in multiple parts of a computer system. A computer virus will usually steal or delete passwords, information, etc.

Some types of viruses are- Worms- Rootkits- Trojan Viruses- Email virusesThese viruses have various ways of spreading and infecting computers. The trojan virus disguises itself as another program and once it's opened the virus will spread itself across the computer. Email viruses spread onto your computer upon download of the files in the email or by simply opening the email. Worms use network security flaws to infect your computer. Rootkits hide deep into your computer and infect everything.

To protect your computer from viruses you can:1. Install an anti-virus system such as avast anti-virus.2. Avoid downloading files from websites you don`t trust3. Do not open suspicious emails.4. Visit random websites.Even after taking these precautions, your computer may still be infected with a virus.

Antivirus vs AntimalwareWhile having an anti-virus, you are still vulnerable to new malicious software called malware. While an anti-virus will protect you from viruses, it will only protect you from the old classic viruses. Antimalware programs such as Malwarebytes Antimalware keep up with the latest malware programs that infect your computer.

Solution: You can use both anti-virus and anti-malware. But it will affect your computer performance. The thing that I do is I use the anti-virus' file system shield and turn off everything else, while using everything from the antimalware program.

This video will talk about anti-virus and anti-malware programs

Computer VirusesBy: Kalvin Dam


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