Computer Viruses

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Computer Viruses

Viruses By:Maxwell

-Trojan Virus: Most commonly found virus. It is usually gotten when it says it will remove viruses, but instead introduces viruses to your computer-Worm Virus: This virus replicates itself and travels between computer, this virus relies on security malfunctions or errors to get in.-ILOVEYOU: This virus travels through email saying you have a "love letter" and an attachment must be clicked, once clicked a virus is launched.

Types of Viruses

What is a Virus?

A virus is a piece of code capable of copying itself, it usually has a negative effect on the computer, for example; viruses can corrupt the computer data, or cause further harm

History of Computer Viruses

Viruses were firstly widely seen in the early 1980s. Theywere created for many reasons. Mainly becuase the floppy disc booted up the entire computer, so virus creators took advantage of this early on. But the viruses must be contracted by either downloading or running a program. Today you can get a virus from even clicking a link, and to make it worse they replicate.

10 of the worst viruses ever.

Virus Prevention:-download one of thousands of antivirus programs-Getting a firewall, which makes it difficult for viruses to enter-Keep your computer updated for the best security-Don't open any email attachments unless you're expecting them.


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