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Dear Users, Follow Computer Safety Procedures!!!Such as... Yours, PC

To reduce glare on the computer screen and stress on your eyes, keep the light source for your computer area at a 45-degree angle from your eyes. Your elbows should be even with the trunk of your body and your forearms should be at the same level as your keyboard when you are typing. Your computer screen should be just below your eye level so that you can easily look over the monitor every 15 minutes or so to reduce wear on your eyes. Get up and stretch at least once every hour while working on a computer.

Computer Safety Procedures

Never surf the Internet without anti-virus software running in the background, and keep your anti-virus software updated at all times. Do not click on attachments to emails from people you do not know, and do not click on links in emails that ask you to confirm your log-in information. Only do online transactions with secure websites. Determine which websites are secure because the secure websites start with https as opposed to the standard http. Avoid clicking on free-offer banners on websites, and close your Internet browser when you are not using it.

Clean your screen only with products specifically marked to clean your kind of computer screen. Wipe down your computer at least once a month to remove an possible dust buildup, and use cans of compressed air once a month to blow dust and debris out of the various vents on your computer. Perform hard-drive maintenance at least once a month, including the defragmenting and disc-scanning functions. Perform a removable media backup of your personal data and important files at least once a week.

Internet Usage


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