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Computer Science

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Computer Programming


Insertion SortThe Insertion Sort project was challenging for me because it was difficult to tell it which items to switch in the list. The # sign in the code is to signify which item is being inserted into its place in the code. As the inserted item is moved through the list, its item number changes. This item number is represented by the # sign. This way, the computer is always comparing the item being sorted to its place, and the item before it in the list. In this project the key idea was to understand how to manipulate lists.

Modern ArtThe Modern Art project was interesting not only because it creates a pretty picture, but it was also a challenging code. The challenge in this code was to keep the boxes within the outline of the frame. As seen in the picture, none of the boxes touch the outside edge. This was done by setting a specific boundary that the boxes can be created in, so that even at the maximum size of the box it is impossible for it to reach the edge. The key idea for this project was the use of script variables instead of global variables.

C-CurveThe C-Curve project was fun and difficult because like the Modern Art project, it created something beautiful. The difficult part of this project was not so much the code; it's short and relatively simple, but with the conceptualization. It was difficult to come up with how the levels of the C-Curve fit together. It looks very complicated as a whole, but in reality each angle is a 90 degree angle. In this project the key idea was understanding recursion.