Computer Parts

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Computer Parts

Parts of a Computer#Gaming Edition

There are many parts of a computer but one of the main parts is the case to keep all the other parts safe, and keep the parts cooled depending on how many fans you have on the case. Cases come in different sizes mainly known as mini, mid, full

The 2nd main part of the computer is the power source because it’s what feeds the computer energy to keep on and some parts of the computer take up more energy so depending on how much watts you need is what your computer needs to stay alive.

The 3rd main part of a computer is the mother board is basically like a mother and keeps the family together in this case the family is the computer parts connected to it, and it works by telling each part its job on what to do.

The last 5 parts of a computer are the hard drive, Processor (CPU), Video card (GPU), The DVD player, and the RAM (random access memory). These parts play the biggest role in a computer because the hard drive is the storage system holding all the memory, the Processor is the speed of how fast the computer processes things, the Video card is basically the picture and if it is being used for games it uses the clock speed and the dedicated Video RAM for the textures details it can keep up with, The DVD player is a big part of the computer as it can play movies and can download files from a CD it can also burn CD’s if you get a DVD burner which makes it so you can save stuff on a CD , and the RAM is basically an extra boost of power depending how much is needed.

By: Billy Madonis



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