Computer Engineering

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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

What they do

Working Conditions

There is a huge demand in the future for this type of engineering becasue people are becoming more and more dependant on technology.

Major Companies

- Degree in computer engineering- Electrical engineering degree- Computer science degree- Employers may prefer a former ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) member

Demand in the future

Job Responsibilities




Working on a computer

Things they help make

Computer engineers research, design, delevop, test, and improve computer hardware and software. They work with circuit boards, memory devices, computer processors, networks, and routers.

- Design computer hardware and software- Test completed computer models- Update exsisting computer equipment- Analyze test results and redisgn if needed

They can make anywhere from $66,070 to $160,610.

- Research labs- Advanced technology manufacturing firms- Work full time, 40 hours a week


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