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Computer Science

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Computer Devices

computer devices

KEYBORD!This is a keybord and you can use it to write into the computer like letter and numbers and symbols .The keybord is a input.

Speakersthe speakers are used for reciving audio from computer.speaker is an output

Printer Is used if you are going to Print documents outthe printer is an output

The camera the camera is used to see people and chat with them by the internet.The camera is an input

Disc Driveis used for storing and retrieving digital information.disc drive is an storage device

Mouse The mouse is used to control the coordinates of the computer screen.The mouse is a input.

Monitor is defined as a display output hardware of a computer.monitor is a output device

Microphonethe microphone is used to chat with other people in internet.The microphone is a input.

Hard disk driveThe hard disk is used for permanent data storage.Hard disc drive is a storage device

Headset the headset is used to listen audio from computer but that person that weres is can only listen .The headset is an output

USB The USB is used to save information and you can see information in USB in any computer.USB is a stotage device

Floppy diskrecords data on thin magnetic films. Data is read or written on them from the floppy disk drivesFloppy disk is a storage device


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