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Computer Science

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computer components


Relevant Components

A monitor is the device that displays the information produced by the video card.

IBM introduce its first personal computer called Acorn


A hard drive is the central storage device for data on your computer

A keyboard is an important device that allows a person to enter symbols like letters and numbers into a computer.A mouse is a device that moves things along a flat surface on-screen cursor to different items on the screen. Items can be moved or selected by pressing the mouse buttons (called clicking).

The webcam is a front-facing video camera that attaches to a computer. The USB it a port that you can store documents on as well as charge smaller devices. Speakers are used to let users hear sounds and music from programs, the internet and movies.

over the years monitors have changed in size and models



you can store diffenert games and music useing the hard drive also retive digital information

Both keyboard and mouse are input devices for computers

The webcam,speaker, and USB are output devices for computer


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