[2015] Connor Reitz: Computer Careers

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[2015] Connor Reitz: Computer Careers

Computer Software Engineering and Computer Hardware Engineering are two very sought after computer careers. Software Engineers make an average of $93,350 a year, developing computer applications or underlying systems that run devices. On the other hand, Hardware Engineers make an average of $100,290 a year, developing computer hardware components.


Software Engineers and Hardware Engineers have their similarties and differences. For starters, both of these professions deal with computers. They both try to improve existing technologies and also both solve problems daily. Differently, Software Engineers deal with computer applications while Hardware Engineers deal with computer components. Software Engineers spend the majority of their time writing code, while Hardware Engineers only write basic code. Software Engineers usually develop to meet customer needs, while Hardware Engineers develop for company needs.



For both of these professions, a bacholer's degree is usually needed to get a job.

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