[2015] Mariana Abreu (COSC 1401): Computer and Mobile Devices Poster

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Computer Science

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[2015] Mariana Abreu (COSC 1401): Computer and Mobile Devices Poster

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is used to share information and resources in a computer or device to other computers and devices. The information shared is transmitted quickly and can be transmitted from different locations.

A mobile device is a computing device that is small enough to carry it around with you. Some examples of mobile devices include smartphones, digital cameras, portable videogame devices, etc.

A server is a computer or program that provides services to other computer programs. A supercomputer is a computer that performs at the currently highest operational rate for computers. A terminal is an electronic hardware device used to enter data into and display that data from a computer.

Servers, Supercomputers, and Terminals

Embedded Computers

Ports and Connections


Mobile Devices

A port is a place on your computer that information goes in and out of. An example of a port is a USB port. A connection is a term that describes the link between a connector or plug into a port.

A desktop is a personal computer used in a place where its components can fit on or under a desk or table, such as its keyboard and mouse. There are desktops which have system unit tower and there are all-in-one desktops that do not have towers and instead use the screen as the system unit as well.

Embedded computers are special-purpose systems that encloses the system it controls. These types of computers are dedicated to a specific task. Some examples include televisions, cameras, cars, etc.

Computers and Mobile Devices


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