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National Reading Panel: (2001)Research-Supported Strategies* Comprehension monitoring* Cooperative learning* Graphic and semantic organizers* Story Structure* Question answering* Question generating* Summarization* Multiple strategies

Comprehension CautionsDecoding skills must be firmly in place for reading through a text to occur. Vocabulary has a large influence on students' comprehension. As reading levels increase, the vocabulary becomes more important to comprehension. Use thick questions that require deeper thinking and multilayered responses (why, what made you think of that, what if, and how do you know).

What is Comprehension?- understanding- thinking- the goal of reading- ensures deeper understanding- develops as listening comprehension


National Reading Panel on Comprehension:- Directly teach comprehension strategies leads to improvements in comprehension.-Strategies are most effective when taught in combination and used flexibly in active, naturalistic learning situations. - Teachers can be taught to be effective in teaching comprehension.-There is a need for extensive teacher preparation to teach comprehension.

Web Resource:www.readwritethink.orgSearch for lesson ideas to use in your classroom

Checking for Comprehension:The best way to check for comprehension is to talk with the student. This gives depth on his/her understanding. You can also look at notes you have taken, graphic organizers the student has created or response reading activities.

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