Comprehension, Vocabulary & Fluency (Quiz 2), Vocabulary and Spelling

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Comprehension, Vocabulary & Fluency (Quiz 2), Vocabulary and Spelling

1. 'Comprehension' in reading can be described as: being able to understand what happens in a story, then being able to tell someone about it.-There are many ways to assess comprehension:*A worksheet that asks them to retell a story by using the 'First, Next, Then, and Finally prompt'.*A Venn Diagram where students will perform a compare and contrast with the main character.2. A 'Vocabulary' in reading should be used to make connections to the words in a written selection-Ways Teachers can help advance students' vocabularies: *Bring common things into the classroom and attach words to them.*Select a few words from a book before performing a read aloud and after discussing the book, focus on those words.3. Fluency can be defined as "the ability to read most words words in context quickly and accurately and with appropriate expression" (Cunningham & Allington, 2011, p. 49).-Ways teachers can foster fluency in their student readers*Create and use a Word Wall to use as a reference for High-Frequency Words (the, of, as, etc.)*Modeling fluent reading by reading a poem several times then discussing it afterwards.

Quiz #2

Comprehension, Vocabulary, & Fluency

Choral Reading

ELL Accomodation

1. ComprehensionDoing Think-Alouds so your ELLs can "watch, listen, and learn", without having to immediately talk it out.2. VocabularyUsing many visuals with captions and labels.3. FluencyAccording to Cunningham and Allington in 2011, choral readings can help ELLs become comfortable in a reading environment and "add some common phrases to their speaking vocabularies" (p.56).

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