Compounds, Elements, and Mixtures

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Compounds, Elements, and Mixtures

FACTSDefinition: consist of two or more elements held together by chemical bondsTwo Main Groups: Ionic Compunds- bond made up of a positively charged molecule and a negatively charged molecule. Covalent Compounds- bonds made by sharing electron pairs between atomsChemical Formula: Shows the elements that are present in the compound and the ratio of these elements in the compund.

Compounds, Elements, and MixturesBy: Amy Howland


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Hydrogen- H Iron- FeGold- AuHelium- He Oxygen- O Neon- NeSulfur- SCalcium- CaBoron- BLithium- Li

There are an infinite amount of mixtures on earth! -Salt and Water - Oil and Water- Salad- Trail Mix- candy

NaCl- Sodium Cloride H2O- WaterCo2- Carbon DioxideNH3-Ammonia H2O2- Hydrogen Peroxide





Definition: is a material system made up of 2 or more different substances, ehich are mixed, but not chemically combined. - the mixture can be removed by physical means or it may seperate the substances on its own- The molecules in a mixture enjoy being by eachother, but their fundemental structure does not change



Definition: substances that are made up of only one kind of atom. - Elements are the building blocks for the rest of the matter in the world. - Elements can be either a solid, liquid or gas - There are 118 know elements, 94 of which are know naturally to the earth - Hydrogen is the most common element on earth and also the lightest - Atomic Number: this is the number of protons each atom. Each element has their own unique number - Scientist have arraged the elements on what is called the Periodic Table of Elements


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