Composting and Decomposition

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Composting and Decomposition

Composting and Decomposition

Lesson 2

Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Reflection questions- Why is it important to compost our left over food?- What is compost made of?- What is a closed food cycle?

Lesson 2: Reflection questions- What is decomposition?- What do you think helps break down organic matter? (think about micro and macro organisms seen in the clip)- What happens to the organic matter once organic matter has been broken down?

Lesson 2: Experiment*Click on the bottle for step 5 & 6* Fill your bottle with browns and greens. Make sure you add water!*After your bottle is filled record:-Height, temperature, smell, colour, shape of your compost.- How long will it take to change?- What will change first? How?

Composting=Sustainability1. Compost is made up of our left over fruit, vegetables and garden scraps.2. When these scaps are put together in a pile, they are broken down by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) and macrooganisms (worms, snails) to make healthy soil that can grow healthy plants.4. When we compost we lower the levels of methane gas released into our atmosphere and slow down global warming. 5. Through composting we can create a closed food cycle that maintains a sustainable world for all.


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