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Our Venn Diagram!

What we would like to know more about:

What we have learnt:

What we know:

lesson 2:Watch me!GrowVeg. (2013, May 10). The Perfect Compost Recipe - How to Get Your Compost Heap Cooking [Video file] Retrieved from

Lesson 1- Will it decompose? Aim: to find out which materials will decompose under the right condtions and which ones will remain the same. Class hypothesis (scientific prediction): the food scrap will decompose first because it is a natural material. Equipment: 3 empty glass jars, one banana peel, half a handfil of shredded newspaper, a piece of plastic from a wrapper, a bucket full of compost soil, gloves, spray bottle, water Method: 1. fill each jar with compost and slide one item that will to be tested for decompostion into each jar2. make sure that each item is pressed against the side of the jar so it is visible to observe changes.3. Using the spray bottle, spray a small amount of water in each of the jars to ensure the soil is damp wiith moisture. 3. draw each of the jars in science books to remember what they looked like in the begining of the experiment. 4. Observe over a period of 4 weeks 5. Be sure to spray the jars regulary (every 2 days) to keep in the moisture. Results:The banana and newspaper decomposed while the plastic remained the sameConclusion: The plastic is not an organic material so it does not decompost and therefore causes pollution

Composting! bringing waste back to life

Week 4 obervations:

Week 3 observations:

Week 2 Observations:

Week one observations:

Why our table thinks its important to compost!Table 1:Table 2:Table 3:Table 4:

Lesson 3- Our recipe for lifeIngredients(materials)- Instuctions (Method)-result -

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The finished result! Composting (2013) [Image] Retrieved from


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