Components of Vocabulary Instruction

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Components of Vocabulary Instruction

Components of Vocabulary Instruction

The content-specific words that students must know if they are to understand the material in a given subject area.

Students should discuss how the applications of the word are similar to or different from the way the word is used in other content areas.Teachers can help by: Fostering discussions about new vocabulary terms.Modeling those terms and giving students time to practice their use Using graphic organizers to provide a structure for discussion and to guide for word examination.Drawing students’ awareness to the different features of words.

Provide a student-friendly meaning by using language that will make sense.Provide examples of how the word will be used in the context of the lesson.Preview dictionary or glossary definitions and determine whether students might benefit from both a standard and a student-friendly definition.Teachers can ask students to compare the new meaning of a word and how it is similar to or different from how they have used this word previously.

Vocab words could come from curricular materials, state standards, local guidelines, and terms that are just unfamiliar to students.Vocabulary from content areas often contains: Uncommon words: words not typically in student vocabularyWords with multiple meanings: words that may have different meanings if used in different contextsInstrucational/academic words: terms often used while at school or workSophisticated synonyms: words used in instruction that have more common terms

Vocabulary and conceptual knowledge are built gradually over time, and multiple exposures offer opportunities to revisit words and information and to relate words and ideas to one another.Teachers can repeat the words using model sentences, examples of the word, and they can also reword the definition to use common language with the students. Multiple exposures to vocabulary can be achieved through various ways, such as:Independent readingPartner activitiesTeacher-led discussions

What is vocabulary?

Explicitly Defining And Contextualizing Those Words

Selecting Essential Words

Providing Multiple Exposures To The Words

Helping Students To Actively Process The Information

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