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Computer Science

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 Components Of Computer

Computer Hardware is a part of the computer that you can see and touch. Hardware helps the computer become usable to people!

base unit (CPU)All of the "thinking" parts of the computer are inside this box!

monitorThe display of the computer lets the user know what is happening inside!

keyboardThis is how the user types, or inputs information, into the computer.

components of...COMPUTERS!

mouseThis device also inputs information when the user selects, or clicks on, what they would like to accomplish.

printerThe printer helps make computer information portable!

motherboardThis is the "brain" of the computer. All of the functions come from this component.

wifi routerThis device makes getting on the internet possible!

webcamA webcam allows users to video call with other users!

USBYou can store files on this device, and transport it to other computers.

compact disc and CD driveCompact discs store files such as music, movies, and pictures. You can play these files using a CD drive.

headphonesUsing headphones, you can listen to music, videos, and other outputs from your computer!

Are there parts of a computer that you CAN'T see or touch?Yes! This is called software. Software includes the programs and codes that make the computer run. Software turns data into usable information!


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