Comparison of 'Taming of the Shrew' & '10 things I hate about you'

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Comparison of 'Taming of the Shrew' & '10 things I hate about you'

TOTSIn the play 'Taming of the shrew' it takes place in Italy, Padau, 1592, the main characters in the play are Katherina, Petruchio, Bianca, Gremio, Hortensio, baptista, Tranoi, Lucentio, Grumio, Christopher Sly & Biondello. The plot to this play is that Sly gets tricked into thinking he is a wealthy lord, Gremio & Hortensio want to marry Bianca but her father Baptista made a rule that Bianca can't marry until Katherina marries, so they both asked Petruchio to woo katherina to try to win her love. Then Gremio and Hortensio becomes her tutors but Gremio wins Bianca's love, then once kathrina learns a lesson from Petruchio, she becomes tamed & thats where the plays name came from; 'Taming of the Shrew.'

Setting, Charcters & Plot for 'Taming of the Shrew

TTIHAYIn the movie '10 things I hate about you' it takes part in a place called Padua High School, 1999, the main characters in the movie are Kat, patrick, Bianca, Dr Statford, Cameron, Joey, Micheal. The plot to this movie is that Cameon (the new boy) is shown around the school by Micheal when at first sight Cameron falls in love with Bianca Stratford so he plans to become Bianca's tutor and try to ask her out. But there was a problem, their father made a rule that Bianca can't date until Kat starts dating which is a bad thing because Kat doesn't like anyone because of her foal & ill tempered mood. But then Joey persaudes Patrick with money to go out with Kat but after a while Kat begins to see how kind, adoring & charming he is until she finds out that he is only doing it because he is getting paid, Kat's heart is broken but Bianca on the other hand finds a guy that really cares & falls in love & kicks Joeys butt.Next day at school in class Kat reads out a poem called '10 things I hate about you' she bursts into tears after reading it to the whole class after she explains her feelings in the poem about how much she liked Patrick, at the end of the day she finds a electirc guitur which Patrick got for her with all the money he got from Joey, in the end she forgives him and they make up.

Setting, Characters & Plot for '10 things I hate about you'

Ideas for Class, Gender & youth for '10 things I hate about you'

Ideas for Class, Gender & Youth for 'Taming of the Shrew'

TTIHAYClassSocial groups: Money- Joey pays Patrick to go out with Kat.GenderJoey & Cameron would do anything to be with Bianca.YouthBianca & Kat are two very different people, Bianca is a Beautiful & kind person who wants a boyfriend who she shall love, Kat no so much she's Beautiful but she is ill tempered & doesn't want any part of having a boyfriend at all. But is that completely true?

TOTSClassThere is a social hierarchy in 'The Taming of the Shrew' which includes servants, noblemen, lords & a druken beggar (Christophor Sly). TOTS questions social roles by tricking Sly into thinking he is a noble lord. Shakespeare shows you can always disguise social class of clothes, eg the lord dresses as a servant. Social class is also presented in the play when Baptista offers a dowry if Petruchio can tame Katherina.GenderTOTS has alot to say about women, especially about their trditional roles as wives who 'do what they are told'. Bianca is well-behaved, while Kathrina is sharp-tongued & not obedient. Petruchio's abuse of Katherina is used to make the audience laugh. It is used by Shakespeare to expose traditional & oppressive gender roles.YouthYoung people in TOTS are trying to find their identities. Bianca wants to fit the traditional role of a woman & be married, but Katherina fights against this. She does not want to be obedient to a husband.

Which text do I prefer & whyThe text I prefered the most was 'Taming of the Shrew' because it tells you the differences in people like their feelings, expressions & how they can change from being this to that for example Katherina, she was sharp-tongued, rude. But in the end that showed she was obedient was a competion of whos wife was the most obidient, now you would think it would've been Bianca or the widow, no it was Katherina, she came when told, went when told, did everything that Petruchio had said for her to do. It showed how Katherina came a shatrp-tongued shrew to a obidient wife & person, that is why I prefer 'Taming of the Shrew' than '10 things I hate about you'.

Comparison of 'Taming of the Shrew' & '10 things I hate about you'


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