[2015] Derek Miller (English 9): Comparison-Contrast Project: Soldier Boys

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[2015] Derek Miller (English 9): Comparison-Contrast Project: Soldier Boys

Spencer Morgan

Dieter Hedrick

Analysis: How Are they Unique?

Analysis: How Are they Similar?

Spencer and Dieter are similar by a couple of ways. They both are fighting for the same reason which is for attention and popularity. Another way is that they don't give easily

Spencer and Dieter are different because of there personalities. Spencer is a nice guy that means no harm to anybody while Dieter is a mean guy that is full of himself.

Compare and Contrast

Spencer Morgan and Dieter HedrickSoldier BoysBy Dean Hughes

Dieter is a short and stocky German boy. He is cocky and mean too. He is persistant and doesn't give up.

Dieter Itolizes Hitler. He becomes leader of hitler youth group. One kid runs away because of how harsh Dieter is. When Dieter finds him he makes all the other boys watch the kid that ran away get shot to peices.

Spencer was not very good at school and wanted to drop out to join the paratroopers. He wanted to do this to impress a girl that he liked by showing her that he was a hero. He goes over to Germany to fight in WWII and meets Dieter on the battle feild and tries to help him but ends up getting killed by someone coming to help Dieter.

Spencer is an American boy that was born in Utah. He is the average male. Spencer is a nice guy and wants to be a hero.


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