[2015] Spencer Linscheid (English 9): Comparison-Contrast Project, Of Mice and Men

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[2015] Spencer Linscheid (English 9): Comparison-Contrast Project, Of Mice and Men

Compare and Contrast

Just shut up, keep your head down and work.

I like rabbits, George, and all things soft.

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Of Mice and MenAuthor: Jon Steinbeck

Lennie holds onto the dream George and him share dearly. He dreams of a care free life and tending rabbits daily.

Trouble doesn't only do harm to him, it also harms his closest friend George.

Lennie's strength added to his work ethic help out the couple tremendously. Sometimes, not knowing how strong he really is runs him into trouble.

Lennie is a very soft giant. Lennie has no intention of doing any harm to anybody or anything. Although he is a giant softy, he is very strong.

Worried so much about Lennie and what would happen to him that he decided the best way for him to go.

He talks more and more about how he could just leave Lennie behind and how he'd be better off, but can't make himself do it.

George is reseaonable. Near the end of the story he realizes the dream for what it really is, a dream.

George is the so called ''Brains'' of the two. George makes it possible for the two to get a job and working life.



The two care for eachother emensely even though they do not show it all the time. If one makes a mistake the other tries the best to clean it up. They care for eachother the way brothers would.

While traveling together, Lennie and George swap stories of a dream they share of living on a small farm and not having to worry about anyone but themselves.


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