[2015] Kimberly Walski (English 9): Comparison-Contrast Project: Alaska Young vs. Luke Garner

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[2015] Kimberly Walski (English 9): Comparison-Contrast Project: Alaska Young vs. Luke Garner

She was just a teenager in college. Do you expect them to be mellow? Well Alaska is very outgoing, she can make friends easy. She's really spunky, popular, pretty, she seems to have it all. Who doesn't like parties? Alaska you see loves parties and pranking people. She's super outgoing, she's not afraid to talk and say what's on her mind. She's very open minded, she doesn't mind listening to what u have to say. She's also very moody, she could be happy one moment and then a next she could extremly mad.

Alaska Young

Luke Garner

Luke is a very special person because in their time they can only have 2/3 kids. He kept to himself, he was a loner besides his family he had. He was really Quiet, he didn't open up much nor did he leave his house that much either. He didn't have many friends, he had maybe one. He was super curious he liked looking around or doing what he's spouse to. You could say he's sensitive because he doesn't do things like other kids he has to do certain things then other kids because he grew up differently than other kids.

How are they the same?

How They are Unique?

Alaska Young and Luke Garner

As you can see Alaska and luke are two completely different people. Ones outgoing and funny, has tons of friends and then theres Luke where he's a loner. He's spends most of his time to himself he doesn't go out, he doesn't talk to many people and he's mostly to himself, unlike Alaska where she has many friends and is pretty much popular

Though they both have two different stories and different backgrounds they still have some things in common such as, them being smart, they're both courageous. Their not that scared of anything, tell them to do something and they will have a strong mindset to do so. Their both very hard working, he have things go the way they want they gotta do their best. They can be emotional from time to time.


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