[2015] Lillian Haas (English 9): Comparison-Contrast Project

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[2015] Lillian Haas (English 9): Comparison-Contrast Project

Hanna is a highschool girl who lives in Rosewood. Her and her friends have been being stalked by an unknown person named A. Hanna is the prettiest girl in the group, although she is not the most confident. She is noticed around school and different places for her beauty. She dates many guys, even though they tend to get her into situations she can't handle. She never really listens to what her mother says. She gets her self into many situations that she can't get herself out of. She takes risks, and doesn't stay close to the path like the other girls do.

Hanna MarinPretty Little Liars

Hazel Grace LancasterThe Fault In Our Stars

Analysis: How Are They Unique

Analysis: How Are They Similar

Analysis: How Are They Unique

Daredevil/RebelRudePrettyEye Catching IdependentCuriousThoughtlessYoung

Daredevil/RebelEye CatchingFunnyCompassionateDepressedYoung CuriousWise

They are both daredevils, and don't always do what they are told. They are both young teenage girls. They are both curious, they want to go out into the world. They are both eye catching in a crowd, but in different ways.

CompareAnd Contrast By:Lilly Tucker

Hazel is a young teenage girl who is struggling with cancer. She is usually depressed, but she also has her moments where she is happy. She doesn't use her cancer as self pity, she overcomes it and doesn't pay attention to the oxygen tank that she has to roll around. She is very pretty but in a different way than most girls, she is also pretty inside. She doesn't always take the path less traveled, she takes the path most traveled and still tends to go astray.

"Say it enough and you'llactually start to believe it". -Hanna Marin

"I do Augustus. I do." -Hazel Grace Lancaster


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