[2015] Peyton Coyier (English 9): Comparison-Contrast

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[2015] Peyton Coyier (English 9): Comparison-Contrast


Martin Luther King Jr

Analysis: How Are they Unique?

They both thought that black people shouldn't be treated differently because of the color of their skin.

Analysis: How Are they Similar?

Martin Luther King Jr And Rosa Parks

Rosa was the first one to start the rebllion against the white by saying no to a white man. Martin Luther was the one to take action and to lead the protest.

She was Strong willedStood up to a white person Got arrested cause of that

She was the first one to express her thoughts about racismShe loved doing what was right

CharacteristicsHe was strong willedHe expressed his thoughts about racism in america

Was the one to change the color barrier in americaHe was a caring young man

Rosa Parks

Traits in CommonStrong willedStood For RacismThey both loved people


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