Comparing Drum to a Cell

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Cell Biology

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Comparing Drum to a Cell

Comparing Drums to a Cell


The drummer is the nucleus because the drummer controls what sounds are created like how the nucleus controls what is done inside a cell.


Rough ER



Golgi Appartus

Cell Wall


Smooth ER

The smooth ER is the the tuning key for drums because it regulates the drums sound like how in a cell the smooth ER regulates calcium levels.

The rough ER is the bass pedal because it transfers the energy from the drummers leg through the pedal and it hits the bass like how in a cell the rough ER transfers .

The cytoplasm is the drum stands because they surround the drums like how in a cell the cytoplasm surrounds the organelles of the cell.

The music a drummer plays to is like a golgi body because the music modifies the style of drumming used and a golgi body modifies proteins.

The cell wall is the drum body because they protect the innerness of the drum like how in a plant cell the cell wall protects the innards of the cell.

A drummer's muscles are the mitochondrian because they provide the power to play like how in a cell the mitochondria produce energy.

The lysosomes are the cymbals because they break down the drumsticks after time like how lysosomes in a cell break down things inside a cell.

The bass drum is like a vacuole because You can put something like a blanket or pillow in the bass drum to muffle its sound. A vacuole does a similar thing like acting as a container.

The drum heads are the cell membranes because they prevent the drumstick from entering the drum like how a cells membrane controls what enters and exits.

Cell Membrane


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