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Compare Contrast

. height (sphinx is 65 ft lamassu is 13 ft). positions ( one sitting other is moving). one is detailed one is gaurding a tomb the other the palace and temple. one uses the body of a lion the other uses the body of a bull. the lamassu uses three animals the sphinx only has two. the time periods. the location. the lamassu was painted at one point the sphinx only had a hint of portective layering. the types of stone used. the preservation of the pieces

. Gaurdians. made from natural surronding stone.both use the figure of a king to display wisdom and power. have some text written (one is of the kings power other is about the structer) . both were often worshiped. both had head pieces

This piece is actually a set of two separate but identical pieces. Made around 1000 BCE to 500BCE each piece was 13 ft. and 9in tall. And carved from monoclinic stone not only giving decorations to the building but structural support. This piece is filled with fine detail from the waves of the hair to the jewelry the piece is wearing, and has a form of cuneiforms around the piece depicting the rules


The Sphinx built around the year 2590 BC and is located in front of the pyramids in the Giza Platoue. The Sphinx also is made without cement or molder holding it together even though it is carved out of limestone bedrock. This piece of work stands 65 ft. tall, 20 ft. wide, and 260 ft. long. It is also said that the statue used King Kafue’s father as a model for the face that sits on the statue instead of his son who was supposedly the one who ordered its construction

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