Compare/contrast simple machines

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Compare/contrast simple machines

Compare/Contrast6 Simple Machines

Pulley: A machine with a grooved wheel that holds a rope or cable, it makes lifting things easier.

Lever: A machine that has a rod that pivots at a fixed point called a fulcrum, there are 3 types, they can make it easier to lift, pry, or weigh things.

Wheel & Axle: A machine consisting of 2 differently sized circlular objects, used to roll things that can't usually be rolled, can make it easier to move things

Screw: An inclined plane that is wrapped around a circular rod, usually used to hold things together.

Wedge: A pair of moving inclined planes that have a greater output force than input force, it makes it easier to cut things.

Inclined plane: A machine that is a slanted straight surface, it makes it easier to move things upwards.


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