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Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast

Michelangelo was born in a small village near Florence on March 6, 1475. When he was about 6 years old his mother died. His father was very stern and demanding. When Michelangelo was 13 years old he became and apprentice to a painter. As he got a little older he studied under a sculpter who worked for the Medici family. He is best known for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chaple (the Pope's chaple in Rome).

Leonardo Davinci was born illegitimate to a prominent Tuscan family of notaries and potters in April 15, 1452. When he was around 17 years old he began an apprenticeship for a Florentine artest, Verrocchio. Later in his life he opened a studio and received numerous commisions and instructed students. He also simultaneously recorded his artistic and scientific investigations in a collection of notebooks.


Leonardo Davinci

MiIchelangelo and Leonardo Davinci are also very different from eachother. Here are a few reasons why they are different. When Davinci was an aprentice he apprenticed for a florentine artest named verrocchio. Where as when Michelangelo was an apprentice he apprenticed for a sculpter who worked for the Medici family. Another reason they are different is because Davinci became an apprentice when he was around 17 years old and Michelangelo became an apprentice when he was a little older than 13 years old. FInally they were differemt from eachother because MIchelangelo was known for having a very bad temper and typically use fierce words when he was angery where as Davinci didn't.

Michelangelo and Leonardo Davinci are similar in many ways. Here are a few reasons why. One reason is because they were both painters and sculpters. Another reason they were similar is because they both became apprentices. Finally they were similar because they both new the Medici family.



Davinci Video( watch from 1:47-4:50)

Michelangelo Video


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