Compare and Contrast leadership traits

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Compare and Contrast leadership traits

Pseudo-transformational leaders also have charisma and are also successful at getting followers. But while authentic transformational leaders drive long-standing corporate turn-arounds, pseudo-transformational leaders tend to make short-term gains that ultimately result in long-term costs.

Definition of transactional leadership:An exchange process in which a leader clarifies employee roles, tasks requirements and then rewards or punishes followers based on their performance

transformationalvsTransactional leadership


Authentic transformational leaders are motivated by the good of the many, recognizing that they succeed when the companies around them succeed. Pseudo-transformational leaders are self-centered; these leaders are motivated more by the desire for personal gain than by corporate success. Pseudo-transformational leaders tend to promote competitiveness at the expense of collaboration and manipulate rather than empower their followers


Transactional leadership is based on:Cognitive reward or praiseManagement by exception/active or passiveRewards & sanctions

Compare and Contrastleadership traits

Transactional leaders emphasizeInstrumental values, such as responsibility,fairness, and honesty which make routineinteractions go smoothly.They are concerned with protectingtheir interests rather than in promoting the interestsof the group. They are more likely to be controlling leaders.

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”Ralph Nader


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