comparative and superlative- fifa

by akpruett
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comparative and superlative- fifa

Fußball Fieber!

In German, compare five of the Maskottchen

I included top goalscorers, current rankings, and teams reaching the top four.

Among the national teams, Germany has played the most World Cup matches (106) and appeared in the most finals (8), semi-finals (13), quarter-finals (16) as well as scoring the most World Cup goals (224), while Brazil has appeared in the most World Cups (20).[86] The two teams have played each other twice in the World Cup, in the 2002 final and in the 2014 semi-final.

Comparativ und Superlativ

In German, tell me what team you think is the best, and why it is the best for you. Use at least 3 different superlatives in your explanation.

What makes a team the best?



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