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Comparacion Cultural

Merengue is a lively style of music and dance that many consider a symbol of the Dominican Republic. Muscicians use instruments such as the güiro, maracas, melodeon, and tambora to play its characteristic rhythm. The Festival de Merengue takes place every summer in Santa Domingo. The ten-day event includes music, parades, arts and crafts, fairs, cart races, and a wide varitey of Dominican foods.

Compara con tu mundo

1. Musical: read instructions ' complete research. 2. Video: watch ' answer questions on Socrative. 3. Compara: read info ' share info about a local festival.

The Festival de Merengue with its music, dance, parades, arts, crafts and variety of foods reflects the ethnic background and character of the Dominican Republic.What festival in Benicia or the surrounding area best represents the character of where you live? Tell me about it by describing it below and adding an image to the right.


Comparación Cultural

Festival de Merengue



In Vallejo every year in June, there is a Filipino parade called Pista Sa Nayon. The festival includes filipino culture like the food, dancing, singing, the history of the Philippines, etc.

Pista Sa Nayon in Vallejo

Watch video ' answer questions on Socrative.

Maracas are percussion musical instruments (classified as idiphones) originated from Latin America. Traditional maracas are made from dried coconut shells, filled with seeds or dried beans, and are finished off with mounting them on a wooden handle. In Trinidad, Dominica, and French Anttiles they are knows as shac-shacs. To play las maracas, you just shake it to produce the rattling sound.


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