Company Website Rubric

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Company Website Rubric

Website Directions

Now that you have learned about different career systems, you will now use this information to create a company that hires employees that have the education and skills that you learned about from your career cluster. Step1. Open Microsoft Office Publisher Step2. From the New from Design window click on websites and e-mail.Step 3. Underneath Websites click on 3-page WebsiteStep 4 Select any 3-Page Website design you want and fill in all of the personal information.Step 5. Now you will begin adding details about your company. Please make sure you include the following for each section of your website:Before moving on: Save your file in your class folder (8-1, 8-2, or 8-3) as your group's names. Home 1. This page should include your company’s name.2. Write at least 2 paragraphs (8 sentences) that introduces your company. You may include the following information:a. What is the purpose of your company? b. How long you have been in business? c. Who started your company? d. Why customers should choose you for their business needs. e. Make sure you change the picture to something related to your business. f. Include a heading above each section About UsHere you will tell your visitors about the following information:1. Create a goal and mission statement for your company.2. Give examples of the type of products you sell or services you provide.3. Make sure you include a heading above each section. Contact UsHere you will tell your customers how to get in contact with you. Make sure you include the following information:1. Contact person name and job title (example John Smith, CEO)2. Address3. E-mail address4. Directions for how to get to you.5. Business telephone number6.Hours of operation. CareersHere you will create a new page for your website called “Careers” in the Main Menu at the top Click on “Insert” and then “Page”. In the Select Page Type Box Click on “Blank”. Once your page has been created you will need to change the name of the link on the left to careers. On this page you will advertise 4 job opportunities for your company. 1. At the top of the page, include an introduction paragraph explaining why your company is such a great place to work.Next make sure you include the following information for each job opportunity.1. Job Title2. Job description3. Education and Training Required4. Median Salary

Example of Career Webpage



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