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Compair and contrast

The Thai life insurence add and the doritos time machine add are two adds that have different purposes and different target audiences.-Thai life insurence uses the method character apperal to hook the audience and messaging as the value.-Doritos uses the method humor to hook the audience and badge as the value.

On the contrary, the Doritos time machine commercial makes you laugh to buy their product.

We will not have a perfect world were everyone will be a kind person, so the man in the add is an example of a person that wants to make the world abetter place.

The facts presented in the thai life insurance add come in the form of emotions. "What does he get in return, for doing this everyday." "he gets nothing." "what he does get are emotions."

The facts presented in the doritos add come in the form of humor. For example: "get out of my yard." Jimmy? Your so old!" "Its the future!"

This add is saying that you should do good things daily and not expect anything in return. this is a good add because it shows that life is supposed to be lived the way you want it too, and if you have life insurence, you can live a good life with a scence of peace and protection. the target audience is people in need of life insurence, and the value used is messaging because it gives an important message about doing good things daily.



This is the pun of this commerical, Mr smith actually thinks he has traveled through time but really the old man just replaced Jimmy and Mr. Smith thinks its Jimmy in the future. The target audiance in this add is anyone that likes Doritos and likes humorous commercials.The value used is badge value because thy show the Doritos logo many times.

Perceived values

Methods used to hook the audience

For instance: During parts of the video, when he was doing good things people would look at him and shake their heads, wondering why someone would be so kind in a non-perfect world, and not recieve any rewards in the end. The Thai life Insurence add persuades the audiance to want to do good things, to be able to reviece these emotions and reach a deeper understanding, to sell their product.

Thai Life Insurance

For example: "Its really working Jimmy, this is the greatest moment if my life!!" The Percieved value in this add is that, there is no such thing as a time machine, so they use the character (Mr. Smith) that is very gullable to show the humor in the commercial. The add itself does not really have to do with Doritos directly, but when you think about their funny commercial, you think about the Doritos.

Doritos time machine

Thai Life Insurance

Doritos time machine


In the end, these two adds are very different, they target different audiences and have different values, thank you.


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