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A small percentage of Comorian people speak French because in 1843, France took over Comoros, but let them have their own government again in 1886 but Moroni, the capital of Comros, stayed under the French government. Their other official languages are Arabic, and Comorian.

Some major sports in Comoros are soccer, basketball, and tennis. Their main dishes are Seafood, rice, meat, and cassava.

This is a map of Comoros

Comoros Facts

This is the flag of Comoros

This is a Comorian family wearing their traditional clothing. Men usually wear a white cotton garment and a knee lengthed shirt. Most women wear colourful cotton dresses and bright shawls.

The Comorian currency is called Comorian Franc

This is a mongoose lemur

The population of Comoros is 734,917.It is made up of a few islands in North East Africa. It is 838 square miles.

The Comoros national anthem

It would take 1 day and 10 hours by plane to get to Comoros from Victoria.


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