Communist Propaganda

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Social Studies
European history

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Communist Propaganda

Communist propaganda

Everyone to our cooperatives! The competition of spring field works!Girls, we are calling you! Let´s become a tractorist!Fight for peace! Overcome plans!No American agent will pass our village through!

Citizens! Let´s built new, more beautiful, socialistic Karlsbad!Let´s do it because only than you can proudly say to your son that you helped with contruction of Karlsbad!

Our homeland will be beautiful and rich!The protection of state borders is a matter of all the citizens!More coal and steel for construction of Socialism! Be prepared for work and state defence!

Let´s finish the construction of Socialism!A strenght, work and peace for the Republic! A richness and happiness for people!The whole nation goes with the Communists!Let´s build hydroelectric plants!Into the space!


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